Immediate plan

The immediate plan is expansion of the dairy sector by incorporation of automatic milk processing plant. On the other hand, establishing a processing plant for the power loom sector.

History and Development of the company

Vision Millennium had opened its power loom project in the year 2000 in a limited scale. With the digit of the year, it has set its name “Millennium” and having a “Vision” to remain utmost honest in all spheres of it production, services, and commitment. Thus, the name raised as “Vision Millennium”. In the year 2004 it has opened Dairy sector with an aim to assured 100% pure product.

Industry Information

Most of its machine are procured and powered from professional and world reputed manufactures of various countries.

Description of the Business

Base of our business is maintaining 1OO% purity in all spheres of production. Keeping confidence and all out trust of consumers. Zero tolerance in professionalism by our meanness.

Product Description

(a) Clothing Products  Vision Millennium is running its own power loom factory in the famous place for producing Sharee and Lungi in Bangladesh that is Tamai in Shirajgong Districts.  
Machine :Twenty (increasing) power looms
Working force :27 pers (integral).
Land Quantity :23 Decimal (For Factory).
Products:Sharee, Lungi, Gamsa, plain clothes.  
Investment and Valuation:1.5 Crore min (Up to 2017).
(b) Dairy and Agro Products:   Vision Millennium is owning its own Dairy Farm in the Famous place of Dairy Product in Bangladesh. That is Faridpur Upazila of Pabna District.
Cattles :50 Cows (Australian, Friesian, Holstein, Sahiwal, Jersey).
Products :Raw milk, Ghee, yoghurt and sweets at present.
Land :600 Decimals (increasing) Farm area.
Working force:: 10 pers (integral). 
investment and valuation :1.5 crore (Up to 2017). 
Food for Cattles:Mostly the organic foods are given to the Cattles.

Description of service

Our services are pure products, social responsibilities, Extending help for the people who are affected by natural calamities and donation for the poor students.

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