Vision Millennium is a Visionary, revolutionary & courageous step taken for the interest of mass people. The founder Muhammad Tajul lslam established it with a Moto to serve for the humanity by all dimensions specially through its products, Maintaining the highest possible purity, originality and quality for products and providing with minimum price to the people is the base of driving force of the company. Without any formal and conventional phenomena Vision Millennium opened its gate and started journey on 01 January 2000 formally on 28 August 2011. It has an aim to contribute in all the sectors of basic human needs like Food, Clothing, Medication and Education directly or indirectly. Since the beginning its always stepping ahead for social contribution and responsibilities beyond the horizon of earning profit and materialistic issue ingenuity, honesty, service, impartiality, purity and quality are the utmost standard to maintain all out in its all spheres of contributions and services.

Present Contribution

At present Vision Millennium is contributing in two different fields like

Clothing Production

 Clothing Products:   Vision Millennium is running its own power loom factory in the famous place for producing Sharee and Lungi in Bangladesh that is Tamai in Shirajgong Districts.  
Machine :Twenty (increasing) power looms
Working force :27 pers (integral).
Land Quantity :23 Decimal (For Factory).
Products:Sharee, Lungi, Gamsa, plain clothes.  
Investment and Valuation:1.5 Crore min (Up to 2017).

Dairy and Agro products

 Dairy and Agro Products:   Vision Millennium is owning its own Dairy Farm in the Famous place of Dairy Product in Bangladesh. That is Faridpur Upazila of Pabna District.
Cattles :50 Cows (Australian, Friesian, Holstein, Sahiwal, Jersey).
Products :Raw milk, Ghee, yoghurt and sweets at present.
Land :600 Decimals (increasing) Farm area.
Working force:: 10 pers (integral). 
investment and valuation :1.5 crore (Up to 2017). 
Food for Cattles:Mostly the organic foods are given to the Cattles.

Date of Establishing:28 August 2011

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